Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Drain the Swamp II"

Back in January I learned that Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball 'dissed' former middleweight champ, Joey Giardello. So I send him a positive point every day. Here's the first twelve. Not all related to boxing:
1. Joey Giardello won 101 bouts.
2. Joey Giardello won 101 bouts, 33 by KO
3. Joey Giardello won 101 bouts including wins over Dick Tiger (middleweight title), Rubin Hurricane Carter, and Sugar Ray Robinson.
4. Joey Giardello’s win over Henry Hanks 1/30/62 was Ring Magazine’s Fight of the Year.
5. Joey Giardello beat Universal Studios in 2001.
6. Boxing historian Mike Casey states: “ …Joey Giardello was a genuinely great boxer fighter.”
7. Joey Giardello member International Boxing Hall of Fame
8. Joey Giardello member Pennsylvania and New Jersey Boxing Halls of Fame
9. Appointed to President’s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports
10.In 1969 and 1972 gathered boxers Rocky Graziano, Jake LaMotta, Willie Pep, Sandy Saddler, Chico Vejar, Carmen Basillio and others to raise money for charity. Refs included (the ’72 bouts) Jersey Joe Walcott, Jack Dempsey and James Braddock.
11.Middleweight champ, Joey Giardello fought Gil Diaz, April 23, 1965 and gave all the proceeds to charity. He hurt his elbow in the fight causing him to cancel his next bout in Puerto Rico.
12. Joey Giardello volunteered as a working coach at the first ever Special Olympics held in Chicago, 1968.