Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HBR up, up and away!

Want to launch your book in a big party setting? Then be the reason behind the social mixer on a Friday night before a conference of writers. About 200 attendees of the San Diego Writers’ Conference came to the mixer and heard all about American’s newest literary journal—The Hummingbird Review straight from the organizers. They also announced a contest we sponsored, offering a $100 prize with possible publication in the next issue of up to 1,000 words (they judge, we retained right to publish or not). With a table by the front door and next to the bar every evening, we got to meet and talk up HBR with many of the attendees during the three days. We sold books at our own table and not through the bookstore that wanted a 40% cut. We sold 30 books and gave some to the staff and instructors. It was a fun weekend, especially when Jackie came by to say hello. Wish more of you could have stopped by. Next conference, Newport Beach in September!