Saturday, July 25, 2009

Travel Day

Heading over to Tucson to supervise web design of the Hummingbird Review, production is already in full swing! It will be 107 there this week. How I suffer for the cause. Truly love Tucson thought and am always happy for an excuse to go back any time of the year, but January would have been a nicer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Run away (part III)

Dillon and I started up the steps
between two condo units.
A head stuck out the door quick, a body followed.
“Don’t take that dog up there!”
Stopped on the landing, “It’s a common area,” I offered.
“I’ll kill you!” A really grumpy guy replied.
Before we ran, I shouted,
“I’m a writer and I’ll be back.”
Expected that’d put a good scare into him.
“I’ll kill you,” he repeated.
We ran away, fast.

Now I go by his place real slow
but I carry a hidden weapon.
Measuring only four inches long
but big enough to do-in the Devil,
an Olympus VN Digital voice-recorder.
He threatened my dog.
I’ll grant no mercy.
“Go on big guy, say it again, Sam.
Double dare ya.
I’m a writer.”