Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Big hugs to all in Cabin 20 from Luis and Cindy.

Beautiful day in beautiful San Diego to discuss Into The Beautiful North. We were sitting just a bit north of Missionary Matt’s place. Full house, lots of laughs, lots of love, and lots of hugs.

Pix of Cindy, Luis and Michael Lennie (S.D. native, my literary attorney).
Cindy will write us all when she is able.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'd Rather Live In Cabin 20

I’d Rather Live In Cabin 20
By Charlie Redner

I’d rather live in Cabin 20.

It’s cold outside the cabin then gets hot.
It rains sometimes and snow comes. Yuck!
There’s a war, make that two wars over there.
Khamenei and Korea both want nukes
like Saddam had in his closet.
Where will that lead?

As GM goes, so goes the Nation,
pay attention to where it landed – bankruptcy.
The economy is in the tank because
of the falling housing market,
caused by bad lending practices by good banks.

After bad bank loans, the “B’s” really took over:
With the promise of double digit profits,
one Bernie made off wilh Billions,
like in real, other people’s money,
even Bacon got himself fried in that dirty pan.
At the time, not even the magical,
mystical Berkshire’s Buffet
could even break-even.

Seems every other day a child goes missing
and never returns,
a loco, local shoots a dozen citizens,
and then kills himself.
Why, just once,
doesn’t the monster shoot himself first?

The stock market dropped as big-oil profits popped.
Has anyone launched a correlation study?

Global warming melts the ice caps
as al-Qaeda turns up the heat in Pakistan.

The Passion film maker builds his own church,
drives into a DUI, and cheats on his wife
while seeking salvation.

The United States constructs a wall
in order to maintain border security
but the Swine Flu pays the obstacle no attention
as do the drug cartels.

The loud sucking sound is jobs disappearing
into the black hole which we now all will view clearer
through the newly refurbished Hubble.

If you hear fear, depression and angst here – wrong!
I’m quite optimistic.
I believe the world will right itself.
The economic tsunami will subside.
Islamic radicalism will be here for
a long time to come but will lose its punch.

Jobs will return, just not the same jobs
that have already left our shores.
The auto industry will complete its crash and burn
and we will be better off for it.

Greed will always produce more crooks,
but not as many and they will not be able
to take as large a bite out of us.

Bad guys/some bad gals, on occasion,
will commit horrible crimes,
but that has gone on since time immemorial,
cable news brings more
to our conscience and keeps it there longer.

No, it’s just that it is so peaceful in Cabin 20,
one can’t blame one, can you,
for wanting to enter and not return
until times do get better in the real world?
Luis, where ever you are out there tonight
thank you, so very much
for this beautiful sanctuary.