Friday, March 19, 2010

Down But Never Out & HBR

Had a very successful launch of Down But Never Out and The Hummingbird Review at the SOCAL Writers’ Conference in San Diego on Feb 14th. I am not going on a schedule tour just yet. I am holding off the publisher’s publicist for now. I am learning about the wholesale and distribution channels for both books as most independent publishers do not provide the sale forces at the wholesale level. Much paperwork, B&N requires their own forms and procedures, the B&N college book stores require different forms as do the other chains and independent stores. For March and April I had planned to stay local in southern California. In late May or early June the Philly Boxers Association plans to unveil the Giardello statue in south Philly, planning a tour of greater Philly area at that time including readings and signings with Down syndrome organizations and other community groups.