Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ahhhh, say it is so...

Long-A-Coming my first book of poetry is now available -- go to books. Best to write my name, Charles Redner and the book should be on top of the first page.
Some say that a southern New Jersey town where I once worked, was originally named for an old Indian trail. To the English speaking, it sounded something like ‘Lonaconing.’ Others say, it came from the colonial seamen who walked from the Delaware Bay on their way to Philadelphia. When they finally reached the town and were asked about their travels replied, “It was long a coming.”

This work is called “Long-A-Coming,” as like the early sailors remarked; it has been literally long a coming. In high school and college I closed my eyes and ears to anything remotely referred to as “poetry.” Along the way, I was required to read some Shakespeare, Whitman, Frost and Eliot but was not, at the time, captured by their genius as I am today.

My conversion took place in September 2008, while attending a writers’ conference where I heard Taylor Mali perform his work. I have been reading and writing verse almost daily ever since, even at the expense of my other writings. As I tease in “Infidelity,” poetry, if allowed, could overpower one’s life. But like all good things should be taken in measured amounts to remain interesting and enjoyable. So I now take my own advice and return to finishing my nonfiction work, Down But Never Out and continue writing a second novel. With a wink and my fingers crossed behind my back, here’s wishing that I execute my plan.

I truly hope that reading this eclectic collection brings you as much pleasure as I had creating it.

—Charles Redner
October 2009