Wednesday, October 10, 2012

World Peace Interrupted

For Taylor Mali in the land of Gandhi

World Peace Interrupted


Imagine a poem that pursues world peace.

Thanksgiving dinner sans arguments.

A school playground without a scuffle.

Civility returns to the U.S. Congress.


Imagine a poem that elevates world peace.

          RING. RING.

Rappers remove F-bombs from their lyrics.

Folsom Prison skinheads play music on the bars.

Mississippi clansmen burn hand-me-down sheets.


Imagine a poem that promotes world peace.

Machetes melted for dinner plates in Ethiopia. 

Fights in Thailand are over Pad Thai or Woonsen.

Tanks backup in North Korea.


Imagine a poem that advances world peace.

          RING. RING.

Cartel guns in Mexico go silent.

Harmony settles over Palestine.

War no more in Afghanistan.


Imagine a poem that encourages world peace.

The spirit of Gandhi spreads throughout Pakistan.

Bomb-makers in Karachi bake honey cakes instead.

Al Qaeda begs forgiveness before disbanding.


I’m writing a poem to establish world peace.

          RING. RING.


          “Lennon would have turned seventy today. Imagine.”

“I already have.”


October 10, 2010

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